Monday, August 07, 2006

As Promised

I remember a month or so back I joked how I would be posting endless photos of the same spot of the exterior of the house as I painted it. There is turning out to be a lot of truth to it. I’m not sure how anyone else feels about it, but I’ll bet the editors of Old House Journal are just thrilled about it. So, this one's for you guys!

As promised here are before and after pictures of The Corner. This is day 8 of working on this one corner. I vow to finish up today. Mark my words!

Before: Ugh!

After: Oh my!

There is one more of these exact same corners yet to be painted on the south side of the house. Before I get to that, though, I will be doing the trim around the big window to the left. It doesn’t look too bad in the picture, but it needs a lot of help. A few small little pieces of the arched trim are missing, and other pieces are splitting due to a hack-job of a repair. It’s going to be a delicate operation.

After That I have the attic gable just above all this and I will finally be done with the front of the house. Well, except for the skirting, which I’m ignoring right now, so it doesn’t count.


Laurie said...


JLynnette said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

John said...


I hope the Devil Queen looks half that good once we get some paint on her.

Sorry, I know you're trying to ignore it, but is the skirting wood?

Greg said...

Yes, it is wood. It's bead board, actually.