Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Payback Is A Bitch

I few weeks back I briefly mentioned a local lunatic named Jerry Droz who is running for mayor. My connection to him is that he submitted a bizarre letter as part of the public comment process when I petitioned to have my house added to the Local Register of Historic Places.

A week ago Sunday I was over at a friends house and he was telling me about a pending lawsuit against him by some crazy neighbor of his. My friend is fixing up a property several blocks from his own residence and the neighbor in question lives next door to this property. I won't bore you with the whole story, but it has somehow ended up in court. Anyway, there were a group of us listening to the story and when he was through I said, “Speaking of crazy people, remember that lunatic Jerry Droz who commented on my house during the Registry petition? Well, he’s running for Mayor.” My friend looks at me bug-eyed and says, “Jerry Droz!?! That’s the guy who’s suing me!”

Yep, I live in a small town.

So, I’ve decided to use Jerry’s own words against him. I’ve made several copies of the letter he attached to my petition and I’m sending it to the 2 daily newspapers in town, a weekly paper that also has an editorial section, and a copy to the incumbent Mayor, who is running for reelection. I also gave a copy to my friend to give to his lawyer so they’ll know who they’re dealing with.

The letter is 2 pages, single spaced, and is not only bizarre but is poorly written. I know I have my moments in writing, but this is bad. Here are a few choice excerpts. The punctuation and spacing are exactly as Jerry wrote it. The letter is to the Department of Community Development and to the Historic Preservation Committee. It is a now part of the public record. It’s also interesting to note that Jerry is a State Licensed Painting Contractor. I think maybe he didn’t wear his respirator enough.

Request submitted by , City of Eureka

This is not a matter which should even be considered , since
it already fits the category of of an Historic structure
therefore, it should already be on the Local Register of
Historic Places.It can not be on the Historic Registry if
it has been altered or changed which would reflect a change
to its original character or charm, It needs to be cleaned
up & painted by a Professional State Licensed Contractor.

The vacant lots within our City need
trees and landscaping. Humboldt County is the Redwood capital
of the World so , planted on these lots shall be Redwood Trees
as big & as mature as possible and only along the Street.They
must be set back the width of one and a half cars from the
highway to allow for expansion if its ever needed .Access to
the interior must be allowed so , no continuous trees will
be permitted without allowing vehicle passage or access.

(There are a few more paragraphs of things completely unrelated
to my house and it's nomination. He then goes off on a 2
paragraph parable about a hardwood floor installer in Mexico
names Felix Cortez. Things didn’t go well for Felix.
Jerry continues....)

Likewise , those not following my lead will soon find that
things will not go right. I had asked , Dan Moody
(Mr. Moody works for the city) to install signs limiting the
amount of time vehicles can park in front of , Kragen’s and
The Golden Gate Service Station and so , while , Dan, like the
hardwood floor installer is still a wonderfully bright &
talented gentleman and truly does an excellent job he still
took it upon himself to do the things his way.Now, vehicles
that are for sale & have no intentions on leaving their vehicles
there for any length of time can not park there. Now, just like
the hardwood floors that one sign needs to be removed & the
appropriate signs be reinstalled.

(It goes on and on with the signs and the cars. He finishes with…)

Follow my direction. The city can run efficiantly.She has
been neglected for years. We need to get her back on her feet
again for this I need your help.

For I cannot succeed without you……………………God bless,

Yours Truly,
Jerry Droz

City & County Director
Acting Mayor

An article in the paper last week mentioned that Jerry at first had some trouble getting the 20 signatures necessary to get his name on the ballot. I thought about tracking him down and signing his nomination petition just so I could see him make a fool of himself during the campaign.


Gary said...

You should have referred HIM to!
Maybe your fairies could do a job on his house!

Greg said...


StuccoHouse said...

The condo assoc. where I used to live once sent an email to a city council member about some traffic issue that was affecting our property. That email must have hit him on a day where is patience was short, his tolerence low and his pr guy had gone home for the night, because the response I got was out-of-proportion nasty. After sleeping on his email, he sent a hastily written mea culpa retraction the next morning.

Teehee. Later that week the Governor appointed him to a state post. I was sorely tempted to forward that email on. However, as luck would have it he must have made a habit of those natsygrams - because the uproar that followed his appointment caused him to pull his name from consideration. Never to be seen in a government position again ;-)

What goes around surely does come back around. Hope it does in your case too.

Anonymous said...

The poor guy sounds mentally ill. Please go easy on him, however annoying he may be.

jm@houseinprogress said...

Does he really believe that he is the acting mayor? Does the current mayor know this?

Greg said...

When I fist received a copy of the letter I called the head of Community Development and asked her what it was all about. She told me as politely as she could not to worry to much about the letter from Mr. Droz. She said he frequently appoints himself to different positions in the city.

Scout said...

(aka Jane): I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and after I picked up my jaw(from it dropping open when simply reading this sheer lunacy) I had a good laugh at the lengths some people will travel to feign intelligence. In professional jargon: Crazy only skims the surface. Warning: Not all kooks are harmless. Motto: Doing the right things for the right reasons is a nice tip when the insanity begins to wear on you. Been there, done that, lived to talk about it. Good luck, Jane

Jocelyn said...

Warning: Not all kooks are harmless
now that is a good one....

Hey Greg- am I the only one who has noticed the fairy and frankenstein references on other blogs this week? Maybe there are recurring themes in houseblogging... :)

Anonymous said...

I have nothing but . praise for oue NEW MAYOR. He's the only one that's stood up against crime. I know the work he has done. He's incredible!!1

golden said...

What?!! Are you nuts??!! This guy is Eureka's miracle. He has done nothing but good things for the City.You better tell the truth , Greg because that's slander. You'd be surprised if he showed the Governor your letter , too.Then you'd really be in hot water.

yo'neighbor said...

This blog is so awesome! I just about fell over when I read last week's NCJ cover "Nuisance neighbor, beware the power of Droz" my experience, Droz is the nuisance neighbor! We should have a block party when his house finally sells.