Friday, August 04, 2006

Nope, Not Today

I didn’t run out of sunlight, but I did run out of steam. I was hoping to get the corner trim primed today so I could start painting tomorrow, but it just wasn’t in me. I did get almost everything stripped and sanded that needed to be. The only thing left is the water table.

Here is what it looked like on Monday

And here it is today

The green trim above the window, and the sunburst is all new wood, so I just sanded it down. The paint on the other wood above that was solid and in good shape, so that just got a sanding also. The bracket out of view, on the other side, looks just like the one you can see.

So tomorrow I will strip the water table along the front of the house and then prime everything. I should be able to get everything painted on Sunday. At least I hope so, because Monday is going to be too busy for house work.

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