Monday, August 28, 2006

It’s All Very Technical

More than a week ago I said that on Monday I would start putting primer on the Section 1. What I didn’t say was which Monday. Today, Monday, I primed Section 1, so technically I was right. I’m not a lawyer, but I play one on my blog, and I’m pretty sure this would hold up in court.

Also, I said I was going to try and get 50% of the house done by the end of August. Given that there are only 3 more days left in August you might think I’m not going to make it. However, technically, I didn’t say what year so I still have plenty of time to meet my goal of “The End of August”. You’ve just got to know how to work the system. It’s all very technical.

This took me almost 6 hours to cover with primer. That seems like a lot. It seems like I could have done that a lot faster a few months ago. Either I’m getting tired or…no, there is no “or” about it, I’m getting tired. I have another two months of good painting weather, maybe two and a half, if I’m lucky. I seriously doubt I will get the whole house painted in that time. After I finish this section and the next little section (technically it’s called Section 2) I will be at 50%. The most difficult parts will be behind me. The porch and the comer brackets were real time consumers. Oh, and the spider infested tree that is hogging all the space around Section 2 will really slow things down.

There is a good chance I can get the entire north side done. That only has 3 of the big downstairs sunbursts on it. In fact, those are the last three on the house. Also, there is a chance I won’t have to strip all that to bare wood. The north side sees very little direct sun light, and if I remember correctly, which I probably don’t, a lot of the paint on the shingles is in good condition. The shingles take 3 times the amount of time to prep & paint as the horizontal siding. If I can get away without having to strip all those back to bare wood I have a shot at it. Otherwise, I’m toast and I’ll never make it.

On Tuesday I'll start to put on the first top coat on Section 1. Technically that could mean tomorrow.

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amanda said...

Maybe it would be a good time to get some friends over to help?