Saturday, August 19, 2006

Polling All Bloggers

I kind of screwed up last weeks poll by leaving off some important house styles. That makes this weeks question a little odd for those of you who were left off the list, so to speak.

This week the question is, is your favorite house style the style of house you live in. Are you living the dream? Maybe it doesn’t matter, I guess, because the question can still apply to you whether your house style was on the list last week or not. So forget all that, and just answer the question.

Below this weeks poll question are the results from last weeks poll. Eventually I want to get the poll to show up in my sidebar but I haven’t had time to screw with it.

Do you live in your favorite house style?
Yes I do, thank you for asking.
No, damn it, and it's irritating!
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What is your favorite house style


amanda said...

I would like to clarify that while I voted "No", it's partially b/c my dream house wouldn't be attached to someone else's house, and it would probably be a bungalow. But, I like my house! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this.

deb said...

i love our house