Monday, August 14, 2006

Damage Control

So, Jerry Droz as been contacting me at my Blog and my Home {shudder}. You may recall he was the one who attached the bizarre letter to my request to have my house listed on the Local Register of Historic places. He is also now running for Mayor of my fare city. Of course, when someone is running for public office candidates are open to scrutiny from all sides. And when the position being sought after is the Mayoralty of Eureka, CA, one of Americas greatest cities {cough}, you never know what’s going to happen. This is no-holds-barred politics people. Things can, and often do, get ugly.

People from Sacramento to Oregon have been Googleing the name Jerry Droz and my blog comes up in the first two listings. Then someone else put a link to my most recent blog entry about Jerry on a local political blog, so now more locals have stumbled on to my blog to read about his zany antics. It now seems that Jerry himself knows about it and is trying to do some damage control. Two comments were left today by Jerry on the original blog entry titled The List and The Lunatic. They are a must-read (really – a must-read).

(As an aside, last Friday at the incumbent Mayor’s press conference on the steps of City Hall, Jerry shouted down the Mayor as he was announcing his bid for reelection. The police came and apparently Jerry was asked to leave.)

Then today when I came home for lunch there was a note from Jerry under the door mat at my front door {shudder}. Keep in mind that Jerry’s original letter was written more than 16 months ago. Jerry wrote,

I am very, very sorry. Letter was written wrong. I have always been in full support of your gorgeous house being on historic registry. I didn’t realize how letter was addressed until yesterday. My sincerest apology. Please forgive me.

Mr. Droz, that’s all well and good. I accept your apology. It’s an apology I never wanted. Your letter had no effect on adding my house to the Local Register of Historic Places. The letter was stupid and pointless. The only problem with the letter was that it marred an otherwise happy event for me. It was as if you ran in to someone’s birthday party and started yelling at the caterer because they messed up on your party two weeks before. You saw an opportunity to get a bunch of crap off your chest and you used my house’s nomination for the Historic Register to do it. What it comes down to is this: you didn’t stop for one second to think how your actions would effect someone else. Is that what this city needs in a Mayor? I don’t think so. I’m looking forward to watching your election campaign go down in flames.

So, what the hell, I accept your apology. Please don’t ever come to my house again. I have nothing else to say to you. There is a lesson for you in all of this, and I really hope you will learn it.

Oh, and to all you out there who don't come here for the political three ring circus, don't forget to vote in this weeks poll: What's your favorite house style?


SmilingJudy said...

Bright side: you weren't home when he left the note. May you continue to be so lucky.

John said...

John said , You were indeed lucky , Jerry , is about 6'3'' and 230lbs. By the way the Police didn't ask him to leave , he already left.
I personally know the man , he's done a lot of good things for our community so , i gotta tell you, no matter how much you may dislike him , my vote goes to him. He stood up in Court against drug - lords when others backed down. John of Eureka , California