Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Cat Peeness

I finally got everything stripped that needs to be stripped. Thank God. Man, that really took a long time. Today I went around with a nail set and drove any protruding nails below the surface, and then I puttied all the nail holes. When I did the arched trim over the big stained glass window I used that really expensive epoxy. For the nails on the siding I’m using MinWax High Performance wood putty. It’s another 2 part epoxy filler, and while it’s not cheap, it’s not nearly as expensive as the other stuff. I think it’s about $13 for a 12 ounce can as opposed to $7 for a 2 ounce can.

Tomorrow I would be able to sand and maybe even start putting primer on, but instead I get to install more carpet in the apartments. Yea me! I thought I was going to be able to salvage the bedroom carpet. It didn’t smell that strong at first, and after I shampooed the carpet it seemed fine. The smell just kind of seemed to grow, though. I went up and cut out the padding and sprayed on more Nature’s Miracle (They’ve gotten my $30. I’m sorry, but I’m never buying that stuff again.) I also had a professional come in and clean the carpet. It smells fine for a few days but then it really gets bad. After a week the tenant complained again – and for good reason. I’m really tired of dealing with it so I ripped it all out last Friday and today I picked up the new carpet.

Tomorrow I’ll go down and rent the equipment to install it. And that is the reason I may not start to primer the siding until Friday, at the earliest. Remember when it was going to be Monday? Ha! I ran through the old tenants deposit already so this carpet is coming out of my pocket. It’s not too bad. They were out of the carpet I bought for the living room so I went with something very similar but a lower grade carpet. The bedroom won’t see a lot of traffic (She’s not that kind of girl), so I think it’ll be fine. All told, with the equipment rental, it’s going to be about $125. Spending the money is a drag, but the worst part is it takes me away from painting the house! Winter’s coming.


Jocelyn said...

well, at least you're done with it (cat pee) for good.

gabbi said...

There is a solution to the carpet problem that seems to work on the worst. Using a mix of vinegar and baking soda deodorizes and nuetralizes the ammonia which is what your smelling. Moisture also brings out the scent so using a dry lava rock medium is a good idea as well

mindy said...

Nature's Miracle is good at stopping cats from peeing there again, but I don't know how well it would remove smell from deep within a carpet pad.

We used baking soda on our hardwoods to draw the moisture out and that was probably the most effective treatment - including NM and another pricey product. At least the rug is gone now.. that smell is really awful, and one of the main reasons I'm a dog person.