Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bad Plumbing

And I’m not talking about the house. Yes, something’s not right inside me. I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I’ve been really out of it today. I think it was sort of coming on yesterday and that’s why I was so worn out after painting. That, and I’m not 20 years old anymore. I did manage to get something done today before I could go no further. There was a battle going on between my small intestines and my neurotic need to paint the house. I think it was a draw.

I got one coat on the first floor siding and trim, and one coat on the second story trim. I’ve been feeling a bit woozy and light headed at times and thought it best that I not spend too much time up on the 32-foot ladder. Although, if I did manage to survive a fall I would get some much needed rest in the hospital. So there is that.

The wooziness it not too bad. I mean, I used to pay good money to get that feeling, so it’s something I’m accustomed to. What’s really bad are the cramps. Out of the blue one hits me in the gut and I just can’t even move it hurts so bad. One hit me while I was up on the ladder and after that I made a hasty descent every time I felt one coming on. I would get down in time to lay in the grass and then it was 15 or 20 seconds clenching jaw and fists waiting for it to pass.

The other problem was the potential for, shall we say, gaseous emissions. I’m up on a ladder with the business end of my lower intestines pointed squarely at the woman’s apartment window over the fence. It was a nice day so the windows are open. Needless to say, I made many more unscheduled trips down the ladder to avoid any embarrassing out bursts. It was not a productive day.

Regardless of all those problems, I did manage to get something’s done. Here’s where I’m at. This is Section 1 as it stands now, and a shot of Section 2 with it’s spider infested tree. That is going to be all kinds of fun. Tomorrow, it’s shingle time.


purejuice said...

be careful. eat rice, as the chinese recommend, for poopies.
we're all cheering for you. please get well soon.

merideth said...

i cant believe you kept working when you felt so terrible! your a good man charlie brown

Jocelyn said...

feel better!

did someone say spider? :)

Greg said...

Much better, thanks. And as for spiders, picture your little friend X 50. It should be fun.