Thursday, August 31, 2006

Post-Op Photo

Last week I showed a photo of a window sill during a Reconstructive Surgery Operation. Here is the after shot. Actually, there is a before and after for comparison. I used MixWax’s High Performance Wood Filler to make the repairs. Someone left at message on the original post saying how many people think the MinWax product is nothing more than Bondo. For those of you who don’t know, Bondo is an automotive body filler used to repair minor dents and dings. It’s been around for decades.

I’m sure the MinWax product is Bondo. In fact, I’ll go as far as say that MinWax has some license agreement with Bondo to distribute the product under the MinWax name, and the product is probably produced and packaged by Bondo for MinWax. I can’t prove it, but that sort of thing is very common. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else already makes a perfectly good one and is willing to let you sell it as your own. I’ve mentioned before that I work for a small, local manufacturer and 60% to 70% of one of our production lines does nothing but produce our product with other people’s name on it and then it is shipped out all over the country.

Anyway, back to the repairs…



It may be Bondo, but it beats the hell out of replacing a window sill.

Tomorrow I’m going to dig in to Section 2. I’ve noticed a pattern as I work through the different sections. At first I’m really in to it and things move quickly. Then as the work drags on I get tired and fed-up. As I reach the end, though, and see the dramatic results I get energized about starting work on the next section. That’s where I’m at now. So if I continue this trend I should have some positive posts over the next 3 days. After that the tone will become noticeably negative (think spiders crawling on my face), but then things will turn upbeat once again as I start to get paint on it. It’s the 3 stages of painting.

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