Saturday, August 26, 2006

Poll Cats & Poll Dogs

This week is a two part poll.

Judging from the comments I received from the series of posts about replacing the carpet in the apartments it seems that many of us share our homes with furry little friends. I have no doubt there are some fine feathered friends out there as well, along with some scaly ones. There are probably pets with more than 4 legs, and ones with no legs at all. It seems many of us live with a pet of some kind, so this weeks poll questions are devoted to them.

The first question asks How Many Pets You Share Your Home With. Note that termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants don’t count as pets. The second question is multiple choice and you are asked to Select The Type of Pets You Live With. Chose as many types as apply.

First, here are the results of last weeks poll.

How Many Pets Do You Share Your Home With

Select The Type of Pets You Live With


Kristin said...

Seems like nearly everybody at Houseblogs has pets. We have two cats, Alistair Owen and Henry. Henry does not have a middle name. We could never find one that quite fit him. Instead, we call him Fat Gut. He loves it.

Jocelyn said...

It wouldn't surprise me if many of us have pets- after all- we tend to be stay at home types and that lends itself to pets. Also, we don't mind a little dust, so what's some cat dander or dog hair?

And finally, I think most of us are pretty darn nice people and I have a theory that most people who own pets are usually compassionate and humanistic.

I like this choice and will look forward to the results.